Every Restroom Should Have...

When visiting public facilities most people are conscious of the sanitary environment of the rest rooms. An appropriately cleaned and fully stocked rest room gives a great impression of the company that owns the building.  A messy bathroom that has items missing gives the impression that the company does not care to make your needs a priority. In making future purchasing decisions, personal comfort and cleanliness influence decisions about who most people continue to do business with.

Items that are necessary for a positive experience in the rest room are:

Toilet Tissue                                                                                      
There are many types of tissue and dispensers that can be used, but the important part is that the dispenser be placed strategically near the toilet so it is convenient to reach and use the tissue and that there is always a current roll and a back up roll so that you are never without any tissue.      

Hand Soap                                                                                            
Hand Soap is critical for proper cleaning before exiting the rest room and must be in a clean dispensing unit. The level of soap in the dispenser should be monitored daily and should be changed or added any time there is less than one day’s supply in the dispenser.  

Hand Towels                                                                             
Drying of your hands is important in the cleaning process and proper supplies of a hand towel must be available to complete the drying process. Levels of available supply must be monitored daily and should be added or replaced when levels are below daily use. The dispenser should be maintained by replacing batteries for a automatic dispenser as needed and by keeping the dispenser clean and sanitary so the user is not contaminated trying to retrieve the towels.

Air Freshener 
Keeping a rest room smelling fresh can be a large task but with the air freshener dispensers that automatically distribute freshener on a regular basis this objective can be achieved.

Feminine Hygiene Disposal Bags
Availability of disposal bags is critical for proper sanitary conditions. 

Baby Care
All rest rooms should provide a clean and sanitary changing area for babies.Provision of cleaning wipes is not considered mandatory but is certainly gives a positive impression.

Providing the proper items for the rest room and assuring the sanitary environment can give your guests and visitors an outstanding impression of you and your company.  Securing these items is quick and easy with online ordering through Great Western Supply Co. 

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