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Good Old Soap & Water

05 October 2022
Great Western Supply Co.
Good Old Soap & Water

The country is beginning to open back up. As we bring our employees and customers back into our facilities, we need to plan and implement new housekeeping protocols to contend with the still present Coronavirus. Never before has cleaning been such an integral part of running a business of any kind.

It is important to remember that the CDC recommends to first clean a surface or object with soap and water, then disinfect using an EPA-approved disinfectant. Using a disinfectant on something covered in dirt can negate the efficacy of the product and counteract all of your hard work.

Great Western Supply manufactures a handful of cleaning products to handle the CDC’s recommendation of cleaning with soap and water. Oil and grease are easily removed with our own Hammerhead Degreaser, an amazing non-butyl degreaser that removes petroleum, animal and vegetable oils and greases better than any other product. Typical daily cleaning can be taken care of with GW Brand No Rinse Cleaner, which removes surface dirt, spills and traffic soil with no film or streaks. Both of these products are manufactured in Davenport, IA and promise to bring tremendous value to your cleaning program.


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