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Let's Talk About Grout!

23 March 2023
Great Western Supply Co.
Let's Talk About Grout!
Yes - there's a right way and a wrong way to clean those grout lines - listen closely my little leprechauns... you have to vacuum out your grout lines after scrubbing them! Simply moving the dirt around with a mop will not give you the results you need! Using a scrubber, or a tool like our Advanced All Cleaner will vacuum those grout lines right out, leaving you with clean, fresh looking grout! Cleaning the right way the first time will save you stress and a pot-o-gold in the long run! For those who want to know more... here's a quick little Q&A to help you out: 
Q: What products should I be using to clean my grout?
A: Our favorite products for grout cleaning come from our EnvirOx product line! EnvirOx 117112 and 118 will not only clean the grout, but help keep it clean.
Q: How does EnvirOx clean the grout so well and keep it clean?
A:  EnvirOx channels the power of Hydrogen Peroxide technology - allowing the cleaner to penetrate surfaces and oxidize dirt and odor.
Bonus: EnvirOx products are Green Certified and have a neutral pH - making them safer to clean with!


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