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What type of floor scrubber do I need?

18 April 2024
Great Western Supply Co.
What type of floor scrubber do I need?

What type of autoscrubber is best for my building? 

Purchasing a new piece of cleaning equipment is an investment, so you want to get it right the first time! Choosing a floor scrubber can be hard, so we're here with a few tips and tricks to help you decide/

Three key factors when choosing a scrubber?

There are three main factors to consider when choosing a floor scrubber:

  • Square footage of the space you're cleaning
  • The type of floor you'll be cleaning
  • The type of building you'll be cleaning 

How big is my building?

For spaces up to 1,200 square feet, you can get away with a small micro-scrubber like the Karma360 or our SC100 - these scrubbers are small, easy to maneuver and take up minimal storage space.  From there, we graduate to a walk behind scrubbers for buildings that are 1,000-80,000 square feet. These scrubbers come in several cleaning path widths - the bigger the building, the bigger the cleaning path you'll want to choose. For walk-behind scrubbers, you can't beat our Tomcat or Timberline pieces of equipment! Next we have our ride-on scrubbers - great for buildings in the 15,000-150,000+ square feet range. Again - these come in a variety of cleaning path widths to tackle the job as quickly as possible!

What type of floor do I have?

Different types of scrub-decks are suitable for different types of floors. For example, an edge machine is great for gym floors and terrazzo while a cylindrical is better suited for concrete or grouted tile floors. Consider the type of floor you're cleaning before you make your final selection.

What type of building am I cleaning?

Depending on the type of building you're cleaning (healthcare, education, warehouses, manufacturing, etc) some scrubbers are better than others. For example, cylindrical scrubbers "pre-sweep" which makes them great for picking up small pallet chips, rocks, etc. that are found in a lot of warehouses. 

You're not alone in making this decision - it's a big investment and we can help! Reach out to the Great Western Team - we want to learn about your building, your floor cleaning needs, and make recommendations based on the details!


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