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Pick The Right Floor Pad

25 June 2024
Great Western Supply Co.
Pick The Right Floor Pad

Understanding Floor Pads

Floor pads are essential tools used in conjunction with floor machines or buffers to clean, polish, and maintain various types of flooring. They come in different materials, sizes, and levels of abrasiveness, each designed for specific purposes. The key factors to consider when choosing a floor pad include material composition, pad color, and intended use.

Types of Floor Pads

  1. Abrasion Level: Floor pads are categorized by their abrasiveness, typically labeled as low, medium, or high. Low abrasiveness pads are ideal for polishing and buffing delicate surfaces like hardwood or marble. Medium abrasiveness pads are suitable for general-purpose cleaning and scrubbing tasks on tile, vinyl, and other resilient floors. High abrasiveness pads are designed for stripping or deep cleaning heavily soiled surfaces.

  2. Material Composition: Floor pads are made from various materials, such as nylon, polyester, natural fibers, and abrasive minerals like silicon carbide or diamond. Each material offers different levels of durability, aggressiveness, and compatibility with specific cleaning chemicals.

  3. Color Coding: Many manufacturers use a color-coding system to differentiate between pad types:

    • Red: For buffing and light cleaning
    • White: Non-abrasive polishing
    • Blue: Routine scrubbing and cleaning
    • Green: Heavy-duty wet scrubbing or light stripping
    • Black: Heavy-duty wet stripping
    • Maroon Eco: Fast, abrasive, chemical-free stripping
    • AND MORE at

Choosing the Right Floor Pad

  • Floor Type: Consider the type of flooring you need to clean or maintain. Different materials and finishes may require specific pad types to avoid damage and achieve the desired results.

  • Task at Hand: Determine the task you need the pad for—whether it’s daily cleaning, polishing, scrubbing, or stripping old finish. Match the pad’s abrasiveness to the level of cleaning required.

  • Machine Compatibility: Ensure the pad you choose is compatible with the floor machine or buffer you’ll be using. Check the machine’s specifications for recommended pad sizes and types.

  • Environmental Considerations: If you’re working in sensitive environments like hospitals or schools, opt for pads that minimize dust and chemical use to promote indoor air quality.

  • Maintenance Requirements: Some pads are designed for single-use, while others can be washed and reused multiple times. Consider the cost-effectiveness and environmental impact when making your choice.

Ask your sales representative or give us a call if you need help selecting the right pad for the job!



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