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Saving Money With PeakServe

21 February 2023
Great Western Supply Co.
Saving Money With PeakServe

It always seems to go one way or the other – you either get too MANY paper towels OR the towel dispenser is defective and won’t give you a single towel in the moment you need it! The other day, I was in a public restroom and went to grab a couple paper towels to dry my hands and was faced with a common problem with this type of dispenser – the towels wouldn’t tear and now here I am with 8 towels when I only needed 1 or 2. Working in this industry, of course I am more conscious than most about what a waste of money this on a micro level, but a simple change could save building operators a decent amount of money on a macro level.

 Check our latest side-to-side comparison of our PeakServe dispenser next to a traditional center pull dispenser – and if you’re interested in a product demonstration or exploring the potential cost/time saving benefits of switching to a different type of towel – reach out to our team and we’d love to come do an on-site assessment of your needs and crunch some numbers with you.

SEE THE COMPARISON VIDEO on our YouTube Channel!


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