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Save time and money with this Microfiber & More Pocket Mop System!

01 August 2023
Great Western Supply Co.
Save time and money with this Microfiber & More Pocket Mop System!

Increased efficiency, cleaner floors, money saved - it's time to build a pocket mop system that works for you!

We've been receiving a lot of customer calls lately asking about the fastest way to clean floors using a microfiber system. The answer? A 4-part system to save you time and ease your mopping woes. Let's talk about the benefits of using a system like this:

  • Pre-charged microfiber pads can be used with your favorite cleaner and made ahead of time - saving you time while you're actually doing the cleaning
  • Microfiber pads, when laundered properly, can be used over and over again - saving you money in the long run
  • Traditional mop systems just push the dirty water around - with this system, a fresh mop is waiting for you when you need it
  • This system works great on most floors for a quick, quiet clean

What do I need to buy?

There are 4 core components to our perfect pocket mop system, all available in store and on :


Ready to get started? Check out our product video that teaches you everything you need to know about using your new system. Ready to buy? Visit OR call a Great Western Supply location near you!


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